7 Use taboo for posttension concrete strands


1. It is strictly forbidden to use any form of heating deformation during the use of prestressed steel strands to avoid reducing the mechanical properties of prestressed steel strands.

2, welding is strictly prohibited in use, because the strength of the solder joint is much lower than the strength of the steel itself, it is easy to cause broken wire at the solder joint in the tension.

3. The segmentation of the prestressed steel strands should use a toothless saw (grinding wheel). It is easy to cause damage to the surrounding surface of the steel by electric welding or gas welding. At the same time, the end is partially overheated, resulting in a decrease in mechanical properties.

4. When the prestressed steel wire adopts the circulating reinforcement, its folding radius shall not be less than three times its diameter.

5. The steel strands without shaft winding shall be laid out from the inner shaft in the vertical state, and the extracted steel strands shall be spring-type and straightened automatically. Tap direction: The direction of the spiral of the spring type after tapping is consistent with the twist of the strand, otherwise it will be twisted or chaotic.

6. The prestressed steel strands are generally left-handed. When using the right-hander, it should be indicated in the contract, otherwise it will directly affect the connection with the anchor.

7. The quality of the prestressed steel wire pier head is not directly related to the quality of the steel wire itself, but the excessive strength will not be good for the quality of the wire pier head. Therefore, when you choose the anchoring of the pier head, it should be in the order Manufacturer's instructions.

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