Post Tension Anchor, Multi Strands Anchor, Prestressed Concrete Anchor for Prestressing Bridges and Buildings


Post Tension Anchor for Prestressing Bridges and Buildings


Multistrands anchor system are composed of anchor block(anchor head), wedges, anchor bearing plate, spiral reinforcing rings. It can used to lock the steel strand wires on/under classes of 2000Mpa standard strength,which is usually in diameters of 12.7mm /12.9mm/15.2mm/15.7mm.

It has been verified by pratice that various type of YJM anchor also can be used for the different kinds of strand wires produced according to ASTM/BS/JIS/JIG/AS and other international standards respectively only if its technical parameters shall mary the related detail materials.


1).Type: Single-hole, Multi-hole; Circular, Flat.

2).Parts: Anchor Ring/Plate, Wedge, Base Plate etc.

3).Have a high anchor efficiency and very good performance.

4).We can manufacture all kinds of anchorage and prestressed equipment according to your requirement and drawings.


1).For Buildings: Housing, Commercial Buldings, High Rise Buildings.

2).For Municipal Engineering: Railway, Highway, Over Head Fast Speed Way, Metro Way, High-speed Railway, etc.

3).For Projects: Mining, Piling, Foundation, Slope and Rock Reinforcement, Hydropower Station, Anchoring Engineers, Water Conservancy Project, Oil or Gas Tank, etc.


1. Anchor System: unbonded monostrand anchor system, multistrands anchor system, flat anchor system, arch type flat anchor, anchor barrel and wedges, ground anchor, rock and soil anchor, anchor wedges, anchor bearing plate, spiral reinforcing rings.

2. PC Strand System: unbonded pc strand, bonded pc strand, 12.7mm prestressed cable, 15.24mm prestressed strand, epoxy coated pc strand,galvanized pc strand, pc steel wire.

3. Duct System: galvanized metal duct, HDPE plastic duct, curved type galvanized metal duct, flat duct, corrugated pipe.

4. Prestressing Equipment: Monostrand Stressed Jack and Pump. Multi-strands Post Tension Jack and Pump, YH30 Onion Jack, Corrugated Duct Making Machine, Flat Duct Machine, GYJ500A Compression Fitting Machine, Grouting Pump and Mixer Machine, Intelligent Tension System.

5. Heavy equipment: bridge girder launching machine, drilling rig, bridge girder transporter.

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